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DBX Backup - effective tool for regular backuping and recovering of emails in Outlook Express folders.

Even the experienced users are not insured from program failures, viruses and computer crash. Better to be beforehand ready that once, your favourite mail client can not read own mail boxes.

Backup Outlook Express DBX files To avoid problems in the future, entrust on DBX Backup regular backuping of the mail, important and necessary for you.

But if the worse scenario already accomplished fact. The computer has crash, Windows is reinstalled, and Outlook Express does not see own mail... DBX Backup will find files of Outlook Express mailbox folders and will help to restore them.

  DBX Backup

  • The built-in search wizard of dbx files. It is necessary when the system registry is destroyed, and it is impossible to define an occurrence of dbx files according to Outlook Express users identity.

  • Possibility of operation in batch mode. You once select files for regular backup, and then start the program from the command line or batch file.

  • Support of several popular mailbox formats for messages export, including Unix mailbox.

  • The original format of the saved messages with all attached files.

  • Support of dbx files of the large size.

  • Possibility of recovering of the information in strong destroyed dbx files, when other recovery programs are not capable to help.

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